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By Dr. Aftab Ahmad

I have reformatted the reference pages. Hopefully you will keep using the site.

After waiting years for a website that would provide a list of key diabetes and endocrine publications on one site I have created this resource to help clinicians find published studies with some ease. This site collates and lists key diabetes and endocrine publications on one site for anyone interested in diabetes and endocrinology.

One of the main triggers that started me on this project came when I was looking for one of the UKPDS studies, I am sure it was UKPDS 2. It took me more than an hour of surfing the net to see a few glimpses of the title but was not getting anywhere to find where and when it was published. The search included google, google scholar, PubMed etc etc. If you don't believe me try searching for UKPDS 2 or 3 or 4 or 11 etc and see how long it takes to pin point the published article even now. I think PubMed gave more than 400 results for UKPDS 2 and I couldn't carry on after the first few pages.

Maybe my search techniques are flawed, maybe there are better search engines and databases that I should have searched but I am sure there are many out there who are no different than I am and want the first search result to be the one they are looking for. This is especially true when someone is in the middle of writing a research paper or MD thesis when the ideas are flowing and a reference is needed to support the argument. That is the point when the frustration is unbearable if a reference cannot be found that you know exists and you have to read it in detail to be sure. Again maybe that is just me but I had to do something because for years I waited someone to make it easy and it was time that things were made a bit easier.

It was an arduous journey as, like many of my medical colleagues, I had no idea what the web is and where it lies and how does one get a web page. I did not even think it was possible to design a web page on your own, but there lies the power of the WWW. I was able to teach myself the use of web design programs and web servers.

The journey included registering the website name and then learning the web design programs following designing the site. The difficult job came after that to look for all key published papers that should be included and this carries on. I have managed all of this completely on my own with no specialist or other help. ABCD were very kind to have seen the website when it was launched and included the links on their newly redesigned website which is a fantastic gesture of support from them and I appreciate it tremendously.

The reason for blabbering about the process is to encourage colleagues who have ideas that may help but are apprehensive and unsure of how and where to start. It can be done where ever you start, it is just a matter of taking the first step.

I am still learning how to design a better  and interactive website. For now I have managed to merge the diabetes and endocrine web pages on one site and both are available from either address: www.diabetespublications.co.uk or www.endocrinepublications.co.uk. I will continue to search through the key journals looking for papers that have some impact on our day to day practice.

The studies listed are mostly clinical trials so my apologies to individuals looking for more basic science references.

I have included some useful links for your benefit:

Child Protection and Rehabilitation Trust Charity

MedExcell courses for healthcare staff: www.medexcell.co.uk

ABCD: http://www.diabetologists-abcd.org.uk/home.htm

YDF: http://www.youngdiabetologists.org.uk/

Diabetes UK: http://www.diabetes.org.uk/

Society for Endocrinology: http://www.endocrinology.org/


Please feel free to ask me to consider a study if you feel it is relevant and I will do my best to include it if it fits the criteria. Please use the e-mail address below or the contact us page.

I will benefit from your feedback and suggestions to: 



Thank you and enjoy.


Dr Aftab Ahmad MD (UK), FRCP (UK), PGCerts (Teaching & Learning) & (Healthcare Management)

Consultant in Diabetes & Endocrinology

Royal Liverpool University Teaching Hospital

Sub-Dean for Undergraduate Medical Studies & Honorary Senior Lecturer

University of Liverpool, UK